Accounting software

Automated accounting that really adds up

Full accounting system for real insight

  • Speed up retail operations
  • Avoid manual data transfers and improve accuracy
  • Generate detailed accounting data automatically
  • Access a real-time view of your finances
  • Integrate with all your retail channels
  • "We save over £40,000 a year with Seowork. Our data is more accurate, we can run better reports, and our order processing is cut by half!"
    Gareth Lucas, Blue Web Retail

Accurate accounts in real time

Seowork accounting software offers a single system for sales, inventory, customers, suppliers, and expenses. That means no re-keying issues as you move from system to system. Whether you add or remove inventory, ship orders, or receive purchase invoices, your accounts will always be updated in real time. Accounting’s never been so much fun!

Inventory management IS accounting

You’ve probably got more value tied up in your inventory than you do in your bank account. So it makes a lot of sense to keep a close eye on what your inventory is worth, what you owe to suppliers, and the value of goods that you’re moving around. Seowork makes it simpler by integrating inventory management and accounting in the same system. Multi-warehouse, FIFO, cost-of-sales accounting - we’ve got the complicated stuff covered!


Detailed, drill-down management reporting

Profits and losses, balance sheets, trial balances, general ledger reports - all with full drill-down capability back to the original sales order, inventory correction, or customer timeline. Try that with separate software systems! Seowork contains all the reports you and your accountant need - all with the power and flexibility of a full double-entry accounting system. Welcome to the future of integrated accounting.

Designed for retailers and wholesalers

Seowork accounting software helps retailers and wholesalers process orders, inventory, payments, and purchases faster and more accurately. Allocating a batch payment from your credit card provider? Simple. Receiving a purchase invoice against a purchase order? No problem. Happy wholesalers and retailers? That means happy customers.