Multichannel retail software

Manage all your sales channels in a single system

One system; many channels

  • Integrate all your sales channels into a single system
  • Avoid duplicate data entry and accidental double-selling
  • Enjoy built-in accounting, contacts and order management
  • Control all of your business with one system
  • Integrate seamlessly with eBay and Amazon
  • "Seowork is a scalable multichannel retail product, specifically designed for ecommerce. We save around £45,000 a year with Seowork."
    Lee Adams, SpyCameraCCTV

Reach more customers

More channels means more prospective customers. But bad management of even one of these channels can have a negative impact on them all. Seowork’s multichannel retail software integrates all your sales channels giving you a single view of your business. With clearer insights into your processes, you can give your customers the service they expect - no matter how fast your business develops. It’s multichannel retail that grows with you.

The world is your market with Seowork

Seowork has market-leading integrations to most of the world’s leading marketplaces and ecommerce engines. Amazon, eBay, ekmPowershop, Bigcommerce, Shopify, and Magento are all ready to plug in to Seowork. That means you can share inventory, contacts and orders across all the most popular channels. Get ready to take on the world.


Integration equals efficiency

Seowork doesn’t just give you a single inventory for all your sales channels, it offers integration with your accounting, contacts, and order management too. With more efficient data flows, you can access reports in a few clicks - whether it’s the profitability of a product line or a customer’s purchase history. Better informed. Better business decisions.

Get the most out of your inventory

Seowork’s multichannel retail software gives you an extra level of insight into how well your inventory is selling and where. That means you can make a sale at the best price, in the fastest time possible, on the right channel. And you can even keep separate price lists for different sales channels. Retail technology tailored to your needs.