Order Management Software

Snappier processes, happier customers

Streamline complex processes

  • Reduce manual operations
  • Ship items faster
  • Manage orders from multiple channels
  • Integrate your back-office operations
  • Get full visibility of all your orders
  • "We save over £40,000 a year with Seowork. Our data is more accurate, we can run better reports, and our order processing is cut by half!"
    Gareth Lucas, Blue Web Retail

Another class of customer service

Too much complexity from sales to shipping? Our fully integrated order management software handles the entire process in one system. No more time spent re-entering details, no more worrying about slip-ups. A clearer view of the ordering process even means you can keep employees and customers in the loop, too. That way everyone's happy.

Warehouse wizardry

Keeping track of your orders needn't be the stuff of fairy tales. Seowork order management software helps you integrate your inventory and contacts systems so you can see where an item is and where it should be going, fast. It can generate pick, pack and shipping notes for you, and you can part-fulfill orders and keep track of back-orders too. Magic.


Must-have multichannel

Seowork order management software lets you fully integrate all your sales channels. So whether your customers are making an order over the phone, in-store, via your website or through online marketplace listings, Seowork can handle it. That means more sales with the same resources.

Simplifying your systems

Manual processes can result in mistakes. Seowork's order management software is fully integrated so you never have to enter data in twice. No more time-consuming data transfers, no more manual reformatting to get two systems to "talk". Your inventory, contacts, accounting, and purchasing all work in perfect harmony. It's order management as it should be.